Real Estate Teams: The Industry’s Growing Trend

Real Estate teams are a foreign concept to most consumers. Teams are also not well embraced by most of the industry. So if “teams” are a growing trend in the industry what should consumers, competitors and allied resources know?

Real Estate teams are becoming the standard in Keller Williams. If they aren’t joining a team, most KW agents are out trying to build their team. This concept is ingrained in any Keller associate and is truly a lifeblood of our business and what is driving us forward and launching our businesses into global success stories.

Teams are designed to be the ultimate in customer service by focusing on the consumer experience. It’s done by focusing on individual’s specialties, strengths and unique skills. Most teams start with one person and a vision of creating a business in real estate. The smallest teams consist of a Lead Agent (sometimes the the Lead Listing Agent), an Admin (or how most industry professionals describe themselves, Operations Director) and a Buyer’s Agent. For those of you less familiar with those terms; One person who only lists houses for sale, one person who only works with people wanting to BUY a house and a person to oversee the Business end including marketing, accounting and transaction management. In reality this is really no different than any other business; CEO, COO, Director. We specialize. We find the Best person to serve Buyers; a bubbly personality with never ending energy and a heart of gold who truly Cares about our client’s every want. We find the best person to work the business end so that the agents can focus on serving clients. We find the best person to serve clients wanting to sell; a person who can show up at your house and find all the great features, market it in the best light and sell your house quick.

This is a team. A group of individuals who use their unique personalities and specialize in ONE aspect of our business. We want to help as many clients as possible and we can only do it by dividing and conquering.

To a person familiar with the real estate industry, they might be used to working with ONE agent. “This is my Realtor” they may say. That’s ok. We still want to be YOUR Realtor. We just want to do it by serving you in the highest degree possible.

Teams mean systems, processes and efficiencies that create a business machine to give the client the smoothest transaction possible. Teams mean that we have one person focusing on nothing but advertising listings, that means your house gets sold faster. Teams mean we have one person doing nothing but searching the MLS for a house that suits your every need, that means you move quicker. Teams mean we have a person who knows how to run a business, that means great profitability, efficiency and phenomenal branding.

Real Estate teams are the industry norm of our future. Not convinced, just take our word for it. If you work in Real Estate, join/start a team. If you have Real Estate needs, pick a team to serve you. This is our industry and this is the way we build a great business.


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