So you’re STILL renting? Should you be?

The Denver real estate market is still on fire. Our latest listing sold in 3 days…THREE DAYS. Experts agree that with the influx of people moving in to Colorado (over 100,000 people moved here in 2015) our housing market will continue to stay strong for the next few years.

If you’re currently renting, you directly feel the impact this market is making on your rent costs. If you haven’t considered buying, you should. Rates are still at an all time low and aren’t expected to increase drastically any time soon. This is a perfect time to purchase your first house, or invest in a rental property.

You most likely have no idea how to do this on your own and that’s okay. That’s what we are here for. Call me and my team and let us connect you with local lenders, investment planners and help you find the house that fits your budget. Take advantage of the tax breaks, the freedom and the flexibility that comes with owning your own home!

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