Tiny Homes

Tiny homes are the latest trend to hit the real estate market. They have been on every discovery channel, HGTV, and DIY network TV special you could think of. Not to mention have been featured in 3 trade shows in Colorado this summer. Clearly tiny homes are something to be curious about.

Whether the reasoning is to live simply, become eco friendly, take advantage of cost efficiencies or whatever other reasoning you can think of, Tiny Homes are taking the industry by storm. Type Tiny Homes into your Google browser. Site after site and blog after blog span the pages and overwhelm you with information on Tiny House building plans, tips and tricks, and images galore. So what is a Tiny Home? As one Fort Collins resident described her home, they are basically the same classification as an RV and mobile home only much more aesthetically appealing. We cannot lie, Tiny Homes are adorable and much more appealing to the eye than a vinyl sided trailer.


Tiny Homes range from basic wood paneling with a partial loft and enough space to casual sit back, to an elaborate upscale design with small upgrades hidden all over the space. There are a few details that remain the same; Tiny Homes range from 80-500 sq feet but usually not bigger. If you think about that, even the tiniest apartment could still be 800-900 sq ft. That is double the size of the biggest Tiny Home, and Tiny Homes have a loft…

Owning a Tiny Home has its drawbacks as you may have guessed. Unless you are willing to make a true life style change, look carefully before jumping on the bandwagon. Tiny Homes usually incorporate; composting toilets, minimal electricity, compost waste, and grey water. These are items that a regular homeowner would not really think twice about. When you own a Tiny Home, your waste is your duty to take care of. The city can’t and will not take care of it for you.

If we haven’t scared you off then this may be the perfect home for you. In that case, call us. We’ll find you land and space to park your Tiny Home. The best part is, if you are willing to build it yourself you could spend less than $20,000 on your new home. IF you contract it out, you still would only be looking at somewhere between $20,000-60,000 depending on your upgrades, wants, and desires. Tiny Homes are a treasure and we cannot wait to see how far this trend will grow.

**Photo courtesy of WeeCasa in Lyons, CO  |  WeeCasa.com


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