We Hired a Listing Specialist

Thank you to all our friends, clients, family members and colleagues who helped us hunt down the person who would become our listing specialist. This was a long awaited and hard to accomplish feat.

For those of you that are not familiar with our business. We operate on a team model where each person specializes in one particular aspect of our business. Annie Collins is our Buyer’s Specialist, focusing on helping clients find a new home. Jessica Manzano, me, serves as our Business Manager. This role includes; transaction coordination, business marketing, team management and business growth and development. Our listing specialist has been a much needed and highly anticipated higher.

Now, I get the esteemed pleasure to introduce you to Sean Thiel! Sean is originally from Ohio and has been in Colorado with his wife Keri and two boys, Alex aSeanThiel-P1010675 (2)nd Edison, for the past year. Sean has a deep knowledge in real estate financing, home improvement and market conditions. We could not be more excited to welcome him in to your family.

Sean will be focusing on listings, helping people sell their home. Please send Sean a warm welcome! Do you know anyone (your neighbor, church member, friend, family, newly wed, etc.) that is looking to move or sell their property? We can help! YOUR team is here for you and all your needs.

-Jessica Manzano, YOUR Team Colorado


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