Memorial Day Weekend

It’s that time of year again. The neighborhood pools are opening. Every camp spot in the state of Colorado is booked and the highways are empty. The city has ‘left dodge’ so to say. Memorial day is often associate with cookouts, camping, sunshine and the beginning of summer. So why is it called ‘Memorial Day’?

The holiday originates to the Civil War era when the graves of fallen (union) soldiers were decorated in memory of their service. This ‘northern’ holiday was called “Decoration Day” until the 20th century (WW2) when ‘Memorial Day’ was called in to order by federal law. Memorial Day calls us to honor all Americans who have died while in service. It is a day of gratitude and remembrance.

While cookouts and celebrations were very much apart of the holiday tradition, these celebrations were acts of remembrance and were traditionally hosted in the cemeteries of fallen soldiers. You can still find communities today that celebrate Memorial Day in the cemetery; laying flags and flowers, hosting a religious service and gathering with friends and loved ones.

If a family member of yours is not a fallen soldier, you won’t have to look far to find someone who is. Our military is the greatest freedom our country provides and holidays like this are the perfect time to stop and remember everything it takes to keep us safe.

Thank you to the military active and retired, deceased and alive, near and far. You brave humans have our sincerest gratitude.

So this weekend, in your campground, in your car, on the lake, on your boat, at your home, during your barbecue, take a moment and remember the fallen soldiers of all time. They matter because we matter and our country matters.

Have a blessed Memorial Day. Stay safe.

– YOUR Team Colorado


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